Mauritius: The Beach City

>> Wednesday, April 7, 2010

If one wants to witness the water marvel that nature created with thorough patience, Mauritius exemplifies every notion attached with it. The Republic of Mauritius is an island nation located near Africa, categorically to the Southwest of the Indian Ocean and is made up of breathtaking islands that have the most scenic beaches in the world. The island has been amalgamated with other fellow islands like the Rodrigues Islands, Cargados Carajos and Agalega Islands. The island is mostly famous for its beaches that attract tourists from across the world who love to lounge around these, making Mauritian tourism the biggest earning industry in the country. Along with these beaches, the seafood sold in Mauritius is also heralded greatly.

The beaches can be found everywhere. The biggest city Port Louis, along with several other cities like Curepipe, Phoenix, Rose-Hill, Vacoas, Quatre Bornes and Beau Bassin has the most exotic beaches in Mauritius. The warm and dry winters and the hot and humid summers are pleasant weathers to experience and have travelers relaxing on the beaches all day long sun bathing and enjoying the snacks available at the stalls and beachside restaurants. The landscape in Mauritius is no less. The mountains and the valleys make for a million dollar view of the panoramic excellence the country boasts of with tropical forests being an exciting option for those who love to go through forests and revel in the excitement.

The town is equally good to roam around too. The small island nation has done its best through building comfortable motels where tourists will get all the facilities they need. These motels might not be sprawling five star hotels but are built impeccably with every possible facility on board and serve visitors with the best hospitality. Mauritius is also known for its conventional performing arts. Music and Dance lovers can visit the theatres where these routines are screened often and have a good taste of conventional Mauritian heritage. Cabs are there to take tourists around town and also to the beaches. The huge palm trees that can be found everywhere in the country are used by travelers as an umbrella to slouch on and take rest while travelling and the coconuts too prove to be a good snack.

In the end, Mauritius serves as a perfect destination spot for travelers because of its secluded demeanor and calm yet exotic water bodies. The food is tasty and water babies will get to play all sorts of sports here in the country. One can hire speedboats and visit fellow islands where habitat remains the same and can revel under the experience of watching all the flora and fauna surviving healthily in this part of the world. The government has done well to make access to the country easier for globetrotters and have created travel packages which take tourists across the length and breadth of the country. Visiting this part of the world is certain to turn out as the best experience of your life, for you get to experience serenity at its best.


Johannesburg: The Transition City

>> Tuesday, March 16, 2010

If you wish to witness the spectacular transition of one of the most underrated cities in the world in becoming one of the most adored ones, then Johannesburg is the best possible example. Jo’burg, as it is fondly called is the capital city of South Africa and also the wealthiest one in the whole country. Known to be the hub of diamond and gold trade in the world, Johannesburg is a city where one can see it all, ranging from business to leisure and excitement to adrenaline. Jo’burg is spread over millions of acres of land and offers stupendous facilities to its citizens and has millions of tourists pouring in all over the year to view the grandeur of a city that once upon a time was a simple province badly affected by Apartheid.

The place is one of the most looked up to and modern cities in South Africa. It is home to the nation’s industrial, capital, financial and mineral undertakings and has plenty of banks, skyscrapers, corporate offices and commercial complexes. The architecture in the constructions is evident given the magnitude on which they have been built. Shoppers will never be able to have enough as the malls and other shopping complexes sell everything from clothes to accessories to the traditional attire worn in Zulu dances. Cash and cards are accepted effortlessly and buyers can go on a splurge. The nightlife in the city is a big rave as well. There are innumerable discotheques and nightclubs where people let their hair down every night and the weekends see many new events.

For those who love walking and running, the parks and gardens in the city are close to a walk in paradise. They are neatly constructed and immaculately maintained by the Johannesburg City Parks Association. Recreational parks too have been made with the Botanical Garden being a favourite hangout for many walkers. Neighbourhood residential complexes have excellent building ranging from apartments to houses and even mansions near the countryside. The restaurants and eating joints excel in serving quintessential African delicacies and those who love native food will not be devoid of that experience. The cuisines are served in a vast range and can be eaten in any of the restaurants out there in the city.

The city itself is a vacation spot with tourists being found all over the place. Jo’burg is visited by people from across the world coming here to relax, enjoy and have a good time and experience the finer things that it has to offer. The Government has ensured that tourist visas are allocated easily and that they do not find it tough to commute in the city with buses and cabs being available everywhere. Those willing to explore this part of Africa can come over the Johannesburg and see all the marvellous constructions that make this city one of the 40 best metropolitans in the world. It is a place where multiple cultures exist in harmony and welcome people from across the world very warmly.


Kedarnath and Badrinath

>> Thursday, March 11, 2010

Badrinath Temple is situated along the Alaknanda River near Badrinath, Uttarakhand, India. Considered to be a very holy shrine, Badrinath is completely dedicated and devoted to worshipping Lord Vishnu. It is also a part of the holy Char Dham of India and a Mecca for Vaishnavites. The temple opens for only six months in a year from the End of April to the Beginning of November. The Statue of Lord Vishnu in the form of Badrinarayan is the one that is worshipped most and is made up of Black Saligram Stone. Apart from the statue of Lord Badrinarayan, there are others including Nara and Narayana, Narasimha, Lakshmi, Narada, Ganesha, Kubera and Garuda and several others. Dry Fruits and hard Sugar Candy are served as Prasad and the shrine attracts millions of tourists every year.

Kedarnath Temple is a holy shrine/temple located near the Garwal Himalayan Range, near Mandakini River, Kedarnath, Uttarakhand, India. The temple opens up like Badrinath similarly from the End of April to the beginning of November. All those who are devotees of Lord Shiva and worship him can find him in the form of Kedarnath. The first hall of the main temple contains statues of the Five Pandavas apart from other statues like the one of Lord Krishna, Nandi (The holy vehicle of Shiva) and Vidarbha. Another statue is erected in the next hall where Shiva is being shown to marry the Goddess Parvati. At the back of the temple is the Samadhi Mandir of Adi Sankara.

Both these shrines located in the state of Uttarakhand are looked up to for they are home to two of the most revered shrines in the Republic of India. They are visited and prayed in for by millions of tourists every year and become even more famously because they open only for half the year.


Venice: The Water City

>> Tuesday, March 9, 2010

If there is one city in the world that has beauty in both forms physical as well as aquatic, then Venice takes the honours hands down. Unarguably, Venice can be called the most beautiful city on Earth just because of the way it is. A gorgeous city in Northern Italy, Venice is most famous as the ‘City of Water’. It is said to exemplify romance and is also one of the most sought after honeymoon spots. It stretches across 117 small islands along the Adriatic Sea and covers some of the most scintillating islands along the coastline. Couples specially come here for those legendary boat rides amidst the sunken city where one gets to experience nothing but romance and passion.

The buildings in Venice are constructed on narrow wood piles that ensure that the foundation stays in order. And do not decay. These piles cover mud and sand and finally move onto clay. Ever since the city sank, people fretted that it would be a major embarrassment. But in a dramatic turnaround of events, Venice has becomes one of the most envied cities of the world. Since half of Venice is sunk, waterways are the most preferred mode of transportation even for tourists. The boat in which people travel is known as the famous Gondola and the man rowing it is called the Gondolier. The boat is also used in weddings, funerals and other ceremonies. They are draped in Persian rugs and crushed velvet seats. The Gondolier takes the tourists through many canals and covers a major portion of the sunken city in a ride that lasts more than half an hour. Apart from these Gondolas, the other mode of water transport available is the water taxi.

The city side of Venice complements its watery side well. If the waters are all about romance, then the city exemplifies spirit and celebration. Malls, theatres, shopping complexes and other sites enthral tourists well. There is a barrage of museums, churches bridges, villas and palaces to be visited that are testimony to the rich Italian history and also of the local culture. Italian cuisine is also on full display as lots of restaurants offer the most sumptuous meals cooked all over Europe.

The ultimate attraction still remains the waters. They take tourists into a different world and die hard romantics will have the time of their lives especially on the boat rafting around town. The buildings are centuries old and the narrow lanes and canals through which the boats pass are a part of Italian folklore, depicting the renaissance period. The water rides are unbelievable and those who have taken it will confirm how romantic they become. Venice is often called a result of nature’s fury but man has made the city into a paradise that tourists across the world come to see. It is a romantic marvel waiting to be experienced and it is only appropriate that couples prefer Venice over any other vacation spot to bring in their honeymoons.



>> Friday, March 5, 2010

Leh, currently is a district in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir and was once the capital city of Ladakh, the famed Himalayan Kingdom. The whole of this town is still ruled by the inhabitants of the Leh Palace which has become ruined with age. Leh is one of the most exciting towns in India for its discreetness yet a presence on the global front. Located at an altitude of 3,500 metres, Leh in the past was a very critical stopover in the trade routes established between India and China as it linked the Indus Valley from Tibet to the East.

Leh has always had a significant say in matters on international trade between India and its neighbours. India and China have been indulging in trade for as long as the 3rd century AD when the route was discovered. The governing body in the town is the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council that looks after the infrastructure of this place. And also takes care of the transportation. There are two religions practiced at this place. Islam and Buddhism happen to be those religions with the Tibetian natives in Leh being devout Buddhists and the Kashmiri Muslims being ardent practitioners of Islam. Both the traditions co-exit well and are well embraced by people from the other religion.

The main attraction of Leh is the geographical landscape of the place. The dominance of the mountains is visible all over the place where the altitude goes up to 3,500 metres. The Srinagar-Leh expressway that stretches up to 434 kilometres is the main centre of attention that connects Leh with Srinagar and the 473 kilometre long highway connecting Leh with Manali is also a very famous place to drive and have fun. Snow does block the roads during winters but the place remains a pleasure to drive during summers.

There are many ancient temples that one gets to visit in Leh along with the Mosques or the Dargahs where the Muslims offer prayers. These sites are visited by most people who come to Leh as a part of the unforgettable experience they go through. The hills have been used as a perfect alibi by many mountaineers to set up training schools and camps where people are trained to climb mountains and other peaks.

Leh is indeed one of those few places that might be secluded from the rest of India but becomes an idyllic vacation spot for those who wish to go far away from home and also wish to have some time for them self. The place is right up there near the border and is often used by the military to set up training camps for countering cross border insurgency. The place is a safe haven for those who wish to indulge in activities like rock climbing and para-gliding as there are a lot of certified instructors available to guide enthusiastic people.

Go to Leh and indulge in all this and have the time of your life. You will remember this trip forever.


Seychelles: A Natural Marvel

>> Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nature has this uncanny habit of creating marvelous landscapes in small sizes. I guess this is its own way of retaining the sanctity of that place and exemplifying quality over quantity. Seychelles, an archipelago nation of 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean at a distance of 1,500 kilometres from the coast of East Africa and Northeast of Madagascar, is one such little wonder that has been one of the best spots of vacationing for a long time. Its scenic beaches, colourful culture and serene ambiance make Seychelles one of the most enviable places on Earth and a paradise for tourists.

Seychelles is no different from The Maldives or The Tahitian Islands, but the fact that it is secluded in the middle of the Indian Ocean and has 115 islands to boast of is convincing enough to label it as distinct. 41 of these islands are gigantic where as the rest 74 are sparkling sand coral reefs. The cliffs, the flora and the habitat speak volumes about this creation that attracts thousands of tourists every year coming to this part of the world for vacationing and spending some leisure time. The archipelago is further segregated into inner and outer island groups. The inner island has everything that you expect of a metropolitan and the outer one is all about nature and its phenomenon.

The star attractions remain the beaches. The waters are so captivating and soothing that you would never want to leave the place. The beaches are highly picturesque and pristine and are good for all sorts of water sports like sailing and rafting. One can stroll along the coastline for hours and hours and watch the sun set, a view that lasts a lifetime. Perhaps, it is these beaches that pull tourists in heaps every year. The water bodies exemplify peace and the pebbles greet strangers will memories of the past. They cast a mirage on the viewer standing on the shore and seem to be black in colour from a distance. The cliffs are gorgeous and the valleys beneath them exude an eternal silence.

The fact that Seychelles is a hot tourist destination and still retains its anonymity makes it a very interesting place to visit. The water bodies radiate warmth which makes the visitor feel as if he always belonged there and the unassuming habitat is a delight to witness. Vacationers can be seen relaxing on the beaches under the sun and doing the routine barbeque or grilling fish for snacks. Tourists who are complete water babies often go scuba diving or can be spotted relaxing on the boat enjoying their beer. As a matter of fact, scuba diving in Seychelles is one of the most thriving professions as visitors hardly forget to experience going under water and looking all the big fish in the eye.

Seychelles remains grandiose and yet reticent. It is still that archipelago that retains its reclusiveness and quietly attracts vacationers every year. The best thing about it is that it leaves you with unforgettable memories that push you during every vacation season to go back there and experience the same thrill again, uninterrupted!


Abu Dhabi: Glitz and Glamour at its Best

>> Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If the World remembers the Arabian Peninsula for something, then oil is perhaps the only thing that generations have preached about the place. For those living over there, oil is just a tiny part of a very huge cosmos that offers all the facilities and luxuries in the world. The United Arab Emirates, a federation of seven emirates located at the South Eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, Southwest Asia is one of the most happening places in the World today. Taking charge of this cluster of federation is the capital city of UAE itself, Abu Dhabi.

There cannot be a better cosmopolitan city than Abu Dhabi today. The city has everything from malls and parks to museums and art galleries. The way it keeps buzzing throughout the day is simply phenomenal. Abu Dhabi qualifies as one of the best vacation spots. Tourists get to purchase everything they desire and cabs are available to drive them around. It is considered to be the commercial and cultural centre of the UAE because of the way it has been developed over the years. Many multinationals have their corporate headquarters in this city apart from government offices.

Tourists can shop and simply roam around in malls, visit complexes and stay in hotels. The ‘Island City’ of the UAE boasts of around 400 kilometers of coastline and also has the most well maintained beaches and resort in the world. The beaches have cafes and barbeque facilities where people can snack anytime. Those looking forward to relaxing will have a whale of a time because of the soothing sands and the comforting sun. Tourists are known to take long sun baths and revel till dusk. Foodies too will not be disappointed because of the various restaurants across the city. They serve all sorts of cuisines ranging from typical Arabic, Continental, Chinese, Mughlai, European and every sort of non-vegetarian dish one can think of.

Abu Dhabi is a city for the adventurous and exuberant. One can never have enough of this magnificent emirate that has changed the very meaning of tourism. Be it hiring a cab and going to the beach or strolling along the streets gazing at the huge towers or shopping madly in all the huge malls, tourists with an insatiable appetite can certainly never have enough of Abu Dhabi. The connectivity to other fellow emirates has been laid out effortlessly.

The city serves as one of the idyllic vacation spots. Spending a week in Abu Dhabi is sure to give you the most cherished experiences in a lifetime. The city is buzzing all the time and things are pretty organized. The population is very hospitable towards visitors as tourism makes up for most of the GDP. Abu Dhabi has some of the best hotels in the world that provide exemplary customer service. Visiting this city is sure to leave you wonderful memories for many years to come.

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