Seychelles: A Natural Marvel

>> Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nature has this uncanny habit of creating marvelous landscapes in small sizes. I guess this is its own way of retaining the sanctity of that place and exemplifying quality over quantity. Seychelles, an archipelago nation of 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean at a distance of 1,500 kilometres from the coast of East Africa and Northeast of Madagascar, is one such little wonder that has been one of the best spots of vacationing for a long time. Its scenic beaches, colourful culture and serene ambiance make Seychelles one of the most enviable places on Earth and a paradise for tourists.

Seychelles is no different from The Maldives or The Tahitian Islands, but the fact that it is secluded in the middle of the Indian Ocean and has 115 islands to boast of is convincing enough to label it as distinct. 41 of these islands are gigantic where as the rest 74 are sparkling sand coral reefs. The cliffs, the flora and the habitat speak volumes about this creation that attracts thousands of tourists every year coming to this part of the world for vacationing and spending some leisure time. The archipelago is further segregated into inner and outer island groups. The inner island has everything that you expect of a metropolitan and the outer one is all about nature and its phenomenon.

The star attractions remain the beaches. The waters are so captivating and soothing that you would never want to leave the place. The beaches are highly picturesque and pristine and are good for all sorts of water sports like sailing and rafting. One can stroll along the coastline for hours and hours and watch the sun set, a view that lasts a lifetime. Perhaps, it is these beaches that pull tourists in heaps every year. The water bodies exemplify peace and the pebbles greet strangers will memories of the past. They cast a mirage on the viewer standing on the shore and seem to be black in colour from a distance. The cliffs are gorgeous and the valleys beneath them exude an eternal silence.

The fact that Seychelles is a hot tourist destination and still retains its anonymity makes it a very interesting place to visit. The water bodies radiate warmth which makes the visitor feel as if he always belonged there and the unassuming habitat is a delight to witness. Vacationers can be seen relaxing on the beaches under the sun and doing the routine barbeque or grilling fish for snacks. Tourists who are complete water babies often go scuba diving or can be spotted relaxing on the boat enjoying their beer. As a matter of fact, scuba diving in Seychelles is one of the most thriving professions as visitors hardly forget to experience going under water and looking all the big fish in the eye.

Seychelles remains grandiose and yet reticent. It is still that archipelago that retains its reclusiveness and quietly attracts vacationers every year. The best thing about it is that it leaves you with unforgettable memories that push you during every vacation season to go back there and experience the same thrill again, uninterrupted!


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