Mauritius: The Beach City

>> Wednesday, April 7, 2010

If one wants to witness the water marvel that nature created with thorough patience, Mauritius exemplifies every notion attached with it. The Republic of Mauritius is an island nation located near Africa, categorically to the Southwest of the Indian Ocean and is made up of breathtaking islands that have the most scenic beaches in the world. The island has been amalgamated with other fellow islands like the Rodrigues Islands, Cargados Carajos and Agalega Islands. The island is mostly famous for its beaches that attract tourists from across the world who love to lounge around these, making Mauritian tourism the biggest earning industry in the country. Along with these beaches, the seafood sold in Mauritius is also heralded greatly.

The beaches can be found everywhere. The biggest city Port Louis, along with several other cities like Curepipe, Phoenix, Rose-Hill, Vacoas, Quatre Bornes and Beau Bassin has the most exotic beaches in Mauritius. The warm and dry winters and the hot and humid summers are pleasant weathers to experience and have travelers relaxing on the beaches all day long sun bathing and enjoying the snacks available at the stalls and beachside restaurants. The landscape in Mauritius is no less. The mountains and the valleys make for a million dollar view of the panoramic excellence the country boasts of with tropical forests being an exciting option for those who love to go through forests and revel in the excitement.

The town is equally good to roam around too. The small island nation has done its best through building comfortable motels where tourists will get all the facilities they need. These motels might not be sprawling five star hotels but are built impeccably with every possible facility on board and serve visitors with the best hospitality. Mauritius is also known for its conventional performing arts. Music and Dance lovers can visit the theatres where these routines are screened often and have a good taste of conventional Mauritian heritage. Cabs are there to take tourists around town and also to the beaches. The huge palm trees that can be found everywhere in the country are used by travelers as an umbrella to slouch on and take rest while travelling and the coconuts too prove to be a good snack.

In the end, Mauritius serves as a perfect destination spot for travelers because of its secluded demeanor and calm yet exotic water bodies. The food is tasty and water babies will get to play all sorts of sports here in the country. One can hire speedboats and visit fellow islands where habitat remains the same and can revel under the experience of watching all the flora and fauna surviving healthily in this part of the world. The government has done well to make access to the country easier for globetrotters and have created travel packages which take tourists across the length and breadth of the country. Visiting this part of the world is certain to turn out as the best experience of your life, for you get to experience serenity at its best.


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