Venice: The Water City

>> Tuesday, March 9, 2010

If there is one city in the world that has beauty in both forms physical as well as aquatic, then Venice takes the honours hands down. Unarguably, Venice can be called the most beautiful city on Earth just because of the way it is. A gorgeous city in Northern Italy, Venice is most famous as the ‘City of Water’. It is said to exemplify romance and is also one of the most sought after honeymoon spots. It stretches across 117 small islands along the Adriatic Sea and covers some of the most scintillating islands along the coastline. Couples specially come here for those legendary boat rides amidst the sunken city where one gets to experience nothing but romance and passion.

The buildings in Venice are constructed on narrow wood piles that ensure that the foundation stays in order. And do not decay. These piles cover mud and sand and finally move onto clay. Ever since the city sank, people fretted that it would be a major embarrassment. But in a dramatic turnaround of events, Venice has becomes one of the most envied cities of the world. Since half of Venice is sunk, waterways are the most preferred mode of transportation even for tourists. The boat in which people travel is known as the famous Gondola and the man rowing it is called the Gondolier. The boat is also used in weddings, funerals and other ceremonies. They are draped in Persian rugs and crushed velvet seats. The Gondolier takes the tourists through many canals and covers a major portion of the sunken city in a ride that lasts more than half an hour. Apart from these Gondolas, the other mode of water transport available is the water taxi.

The city side of Venice complements its watery side well. If the waters are all about romance, then the city exemplifies spirit and celebration. Malls, theatres, shopping complexes and other sites enthral tourists well. There is a barrage of museums, churches bridges, villas and palaces to be visited that are testimony to the rich Italian history and also of the local culture. Italian cuisine is also on full display as lots of restaurants offer the most sumptuous meals cooked all over Europe.

The ultimate attraction still remains the waters. They take tourists into a different world and die hard romantics will have the time of their lives especially on the boat rafting around town. The buildings are centuries old and the narrow lanes and canals through which the boats pass are a part of Italian folklore, depicting the renaissance period. The water rides are unbelievable and those who have taken it will confirm how romantic they become. Venice is often called a result of nature’s fury but man has made the city into a paradise that tourists across the world come to see. It is a romantic marvel waiting to be experienced and it is only appropriate that couples prefer Venice over any other vacation spot to bring in their honeymoons.


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