Abu Dhabi: Glitz and Glamour at its Best

>> Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If the World remembers the Arabian Peninsula for something, then oil is perhaps the only thing that generations have preached about the place. For those living over there, oil is just a tiny part of a very huge cosmos that offers all the facilities and luxuries in the world. The United Arab Emirates, a federation of seven emirates located at the South Eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, Southwest Asia is one of the most happening places in the World today. Taking charge of this cluster of federation is the capital city of UAE itself, Abu Dhabi.

There cannot be a better cosmopolitan city than Abu Dhabi today. The city has everything from malls and parks to museums and art galleries. The way it keeps buzzing throughout the day is simply phenomenal. Abu Dhabi qualifies as one of the best vacation spots. Tourists get to purchase everything they desire and cabs are available to drive them around. It is considered to be the commercial and cultural centre of the UAE because of the way it has been developed over the years. Many multinationals have their corporate headquarters in this city apart from government offices.

Tourists can shop and simply roam around in malls, visit complexes and stay in hotels. The ‘Island City’ of the UAE boasts of around 400 kilometers of coastline and also has the most well maintained beaches and resort in the world. The beaches have cafes and barbeque facilities where people can snack anytime. Those looking forward to relaxing will have a whale of a time because of the soothing sands and the comforting sun. Tourists are known to take long sun baths and revel till dusk. Foodies too will not be disappointed because of the various restaurants across the city. They serve all sorts of cuisines ranging from typical Arabic, Continental, Chinese, Mughlai, European and every sort of non-vegetarian dish one can think of.

Abu Dhabi is a city for the adventurous and exuberant. One can never have enough of this magnificent emirate that has changed the very meaning of tourism. Be it hiring a cab and going to the beach or strolling along the streets gazing at the huge towers or shopping madly in all the huge malls, tourists with an insatiable appetite can certainly never have enough of Abu Dhabi. The connectivity to other fellow emirates has been laid out effortlessly.

The city serves as one of the idyllic vacation spots. Spending a week in Abu Dhabi is sure to give you the most cherished experiences in a lifetime. The city is buzzing all the time and things are pretty organized. The population is very hospitable towards visitors as tourism makes up for most of the GDP. Abu Dhabi has some of the best hotels in the world that provide exemplary customer service. Visiting this city is sure to leave you wonderful memories for many years to come.

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