Johannesburg: The Transition City

>> Tuesday, March 16, 2010

If you wish to witness the spectacular transition of one of the most underrated cities in the world in becoming one of the most adored ones, then Johannesburg is the best possible example. Jo’burg, as it is fondly called is the capital city of South Africa and also the wealthiest one in the whole country. Known to be the hub of diamond and gold trade in the world, Johannesburg is a city where one can see it all, ranging from business to leisure and excitement to adrenaline. Jo’burg is spread over millions of acres of land and offers stupendous facilities to its citizens and has millions of tourists pouring in all over the year to view the grandeur of a city that once upon a time was a simple province badly affected by Apartheid.

The place is one of the most looked up to and modern cities in South Africa. It is home to the nation’s industrial, capital, financial and mineral undertakings and has plenty of banks, skyscrapers, corporate offices and commercial complexes. The architecture in the constructions is evident given the magnitude on which they have been built. Shoppers will never be able to have enough as the malls and other shopping complexes sell everything from clothes to accessories to the traditional attire worn in Zulu dances. Cash and cards are accepted effortlessly and buyers can go on a splurge. The nightlife in the city is a big rave as well. There are innumerable discotheques and nightclubs where people let their hair down every night and the weekends see many new events.

For those who love walking and running, the parks and gardens in the city are close to a walk in paradise. They are neatly constructed and immaculately maintained by the Johannesburg City Parks Association. Recreational parks too have been made with the Botanical Garden being a favourite hangout for many walkers. Neighbourhood residential complexes have excellent building ranging from apartments to houses and even mansions near the countryside. The restaurants and eating joints excel in serving quintessential African delicacies and those who love native food will not be devoid of that experience. The cuisines are served in a vast range and can be eaten in any of the restaurants out there in the city.

The city itself is a vacation spot with tourists being found all over the place. Jo’burg is visited by people from across the world coming here to relax, enjoy and have a good time and experience the finer things that it has to offer. The Government has ensured that tourist visas are allocated easily and that they do not find it tough to commute in the city with buses and cabs being available everywhere. Those willing to explore this part of Africa can come over the Johannesburg and see all the marvellous constructions that make this city one of the 40 best metropolitans in the world. It is a place where multiple cultures exist in harmony and welcome people from across the world very warmly.


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